Structural Transformation and Economic Growth

STEG is a research initiative funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office that aims to provide a better understanding of structural change, productivity and growth in low- and middle-income countries.

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ACET-STEG Transformation Fellowship

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) is currently recruiting a Fellow in partnership with STEG. The role will include undertaking high quality research on structural change, publishing research papers in leading economic journals, and producing briefs highlighting specific transformative policy and strategies for developing countries.

Transforming Growth Podcast Series

This series, narrated by Tim Phillips, investigates some of the most important new research in economic development. In this first episode of five, Tim talks to Doug Gollin (CEPR & Oxford University) & Joe Kaboski (CEPR & Notre Dame), the academic leads of Structural Transformation & Economic Growth (STEG) programme, about what structural transformation is and the need for this programme.

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STEG Virtual Course 'Key Concepts on Macro Development'

The Structural Transformation and Economic Growth research programme offered a virtual course entitled “Key Concepts in Macro Development” in the spring 2021, which was taught by a series of lecturers.

Pathfinding Papers

The Pathfinding Papers review what is known and what questions are most salient in specific areas of research and policy related to structural transformation and economic growth. 

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