Theme 0 Workshop Recordings

The Theme 0 online workshop took place on the 10th and 11th September 2020. The recordings of the presented papers can be found below: 

Robert Inklaar (Groningen), leader of Theme 0 alongside Akos Valentinyi (CEPR & Manchester) introduces the Theme 0 online workshop. View the presentation slides.

Margret McMillan (Tufts University) presents the paper Is Labor Productivity Really Falling in African Manufacturing? 

Georg Duernecker (Goethe University Frankfurt) presents the paper Structural transformation of occupation employment. The paper is written with Berthold Herrendorf (Arizona State University). View the presentation slides.

Ernest Liu (Princeton) presents the paper International Friends and Enemies. The paper was written with Benny Kleinman (Princeton) and Stephen Redding (CEPR, NBER & Princeton).

Berthold Herrendorf (Arizona State University) presents the paper Markups and Structural Change: Evidence from the National Accounts. The paper was written with Benjamin Bridgman (Bureau of Economic Analysis). View the presentation slides.

Akos Valentinyi (CEPR & Manchester) presents the paper Structural transformation, productivity growth and input-output linkages. View the presentation slides.

Brian McCaig (Wilfrid Laurier University) presents the paper Informal firms and development. The paper was written with Nina Pavcnik (Dartmouth). View the presentation slides.

Alessandra Peter (University of Stockholm) presents the paper Distribution Costs and the size of Indian Manufacturing Establishments. The paper was written with Cian Ruane (IMF). View the presentation slides.

Kei-Mu Yi (University of Houston) presents the paper Multinationals and Structural Change. 

Michele Battisti (University of Palermo) presents the paper Skilled Biased Technological Progress and Labor Market Inefficiency. The paper was written with Massimo Del Gatto (D'Annunzio University and Christopher F. Parmeter (University of Miami). View the presentation slides.

Krisztina Orban (Monash University) presents the paper The Inception of Capitalism through the Lens of Firms. 

David Lagakos (Boston University & NBER) presents the paper Using Micro Data to Learn About Structural Transformation. The paper was written with Martin Shu (Boston University). View the presentation slides.