Theme 2 Workshop Recordings

The Theme 2 online workshop took place on the 27th August 2020. The recordings of the presented papers can be found below: 

Rachel Ngai (CEPR & LSE), leader of Theme 2 alongside Taryn Dinkelman (CEPR & Notre Dame) introduces Theme 2.

Rachel Ngai (CEPR & LSE) presents the paper Structural transformation and the U-Shaped Female Labor Supply. The paper was written with Claudia Olivetti (Dartmouth) and Barbara Petrongolo (CEPR & Queen Mary University).

Tommaso Porzio (Columbia) presents the paper The human side of structural transformation. The paper was written with Federico Rossi (Warwick) and Gabriella Santangelo (Cambridge)

Taryn Dinkelman (Notre Dame) presents the paper Labor migration, capital accumulation, and the structure of rural labor markets. The paper was written with Grace Kumchulesi (IZA) and Martine Mariotti (Australian National University).

Michael Peters (CEPR & Yale) presents the paper Structural Change and Service-led Growth in India. The paper was written with Tianyu Fan (Yale) and Fabrizo Zilibotti (CEPR & Yale).

Munseob Lee (UC San Diego) presents the paper Allocation of female talent and cross-country productivity differences.