Theme 3 & 4 Workshop Recordings

Theme 3 & Theme 4 joint online workshop took place on the 14th and 15th  September 2020. The recordings of the presented papers can be found below: 

Panel discussion with Lori Beaman (Northwesten), Margaret McMillan (Tufts), Richard Rogerson (Princeton) and Chris Udry (Northwestern) on Day 1 of Theme 3 & 4's joint workshop. 

Panel discussion with Robin Burgess (CEPR & LSE), Nina Pavcnik (CEPR & Dartmouth), Eric Verhoogen (Columbia), Fabrizio Zilibotti (CEPR & Yale) on Day 2 of Theme 3 & 4's joint workshop. Chaired by Costas Arkolakis (Yale) and Paula Bustos (CEPR & CEMFI) the Theme 4 leaders.

Francisco Alvarez-Cuadrado (McGill) presents the paper Selection and Absolute Advantage in Farming and Entrepreneurship. The paper was written with  Francesco Amodio (CEPR & McGill) and Markus Poschke (McGill) and can be viewed here.

The moderator was Mike Waugh (NYU Stern & Minneapolis FED).

Niclas Moneke (Oxford) presents the paper Can big push infrastructure unlock development? Evidence from Ethiopia. The paper can be viewed here

The moderator was Manuel Garcia Santana (UPF).

Lauren Bergquist (Michigan) presents the paper Scaling up Agricultural Policy Interventions.  The paper was written with Benjamin Faber (UC Berkeley), Thibault Fally (UC Berkeley), Matthias Hoelzlein (UC Berkeley), Edward Miguel (UC Berkeley) and Andrés Rodríguez-Clare (UC Berkeley) and can be viewed here.

The moderator was Wyatt Brooks (ASU).

Lorenzo Casaburi (Zurich) presents the paper Land Rental Markets: Experimental Evidence from Kenya. The paper was written with Michelle Acampora (Zurich), and Jack Willis (Columbia). 

The moderator was Tasso Adamopoulos (York).

Swati Dhingra (CEPR & LSE) presents the paper The Rise of Agribusiness and the Distributional Consequences of Policies on Intermediate Trade. The paper was written with Silvana Tenreyro (CEPR & LSE).

Jacopo Ponticelli (CEPR & Northwestern) presents the paper Industrialization without Innovation. The paper was written with Paula Bustos (CEPR & CEMFI), Joan Monras (CEPR & UPF), and Juan Manuel Castro Vincenzi (Princeton) and can be viewed here.

Clare Balboni (MIT) presents the paper In Harm's Way: Infrastructure Investments and the Persistence of Coastal Cities. 

Michael Peters (CEPR & Yale) presents the paper Spatial Structural Change. The paper was written with Fabian Eckert (Yale).