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Launch of STEG Policy Briefs

We are delighted to announce the publication of the first STEG Policy Briefs. These briefs summarise research for a policymakers operating in the fields of structural transformation, productivity, and growth.

STEG Policy Briefs distil results and lessons from STEG-funded projects and longer synthesis papers into shorter non-technical articles that are easily accessible and quickly digested.

Policy briefs will be circulated widely through STEG’s network of policymakers and other stakeholders in order that the results and lessons from STEG-funded research can be incorporated into policymaking decisions more quickly.

The first of our policy briefs draw from three of the STEG Pathfinding Papers that were published last year:

While future policy briefs will follow from other pathfinding papers, the majority of our briefs will be focused on STEG-funded projects. As our first round of Small Research Grants come to a close this autumn, we will be steadily releasing policy briefs on the research we have funded over the last year. These will be sent out to our newsletter audience as they are released while also featuring in our monthly newsletter and social media.

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