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New Podcast Series: Conversations on Transformation

As part of STEG's third annual conference, Tim Phillips recorded a series of podcasts with researchers presenting at the conference. The Conversations on Transformation series investigates some of the most important new research in structural transformation, growth and economic development.


The series kicks off with Adnan Khan, FCDO's Chief Economist, discussing how we can effectively put research into practice. Through the remaining four episodes, the series explores recent structural transformation research touching on new insights in industrial policy, urban adaptation to rising sea levels, the FDI and domestic firm impacts of new export opportunities, and the impact of Chinese imports on African manufacturing. Find out more on the podcasts and their respective papers below!

We thank Adnan Khan, Nathan Lane, Allan Hsiao, Nina Pavcnik, and Marina Ngoma for contributing to the series.

  1. Putting Research into Practice - Adnan Khan In this first episode of five, Tim talks to Adnan Khan (Chief Economist at the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) about how research is put into practice and the importance of structural transformation in contemporary policy.
  2. The Who, What, When, and How of Industrial Policy - Nathan Lane In this second episode of five, Tim talks to Nathan Lane (University of Oxford) about a new approach to measuring industrial policy and the new insights this offers. Read The Who, What, When, and How of Industrial Policy: A Text-Based Approach by Réka Juhász, Nathaniel Lane, Emily Oehlsen, and Verónica C. Pérez.
  3. Sea Level Rise and Urban Adaptation - Allan Hsiao In this third episode of five, Tim talks to Allan Hsiao (Princeton University) about how Jakarta has adapted to sea level rise and why government intervention might have actually complicated the issue. Read Sea Level Rise and Urban Adaptation in Jakarta by Allan Hsiao.
  4. FDI and Domestic Firms - Nina Pavcnik In this fourth episode of five, Tim talks to Nina Pavcnik (Dartmouth College) about how multinational affiliates and domestic firms in Vietnam adjusted to new export opportunities in the United States. Read FDI Inflows and Domestic Firms: Adjustments to New Export Opportunities by Brian McCaig, Nina Pavcnik, and Woan Foong Wong.
  5. Chinese Imports and Industrialization in Africa - Marina Ngoma In this fifth and final episode, Tim talks to Marina Ngoma (Tufts University) about how Chinese imports have spurred manufacturing employment in Ethiopia. Read Chinese Imports and Industrialization in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia by Marina Ngoma.


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