STEG Newsletter - December 2022

Dear All,

After a fantastic 2022, STEG can't wait for 2023 with existing projects starting to produce results, new projects getting started, further funding calls on the horizon, and our annual conference upcoming in early February.

STEG is currently finalising the selection of papers for the Conference on Structural Transformation, Growth, and Economic Development. STEG's third annual conference held with IGC and PSDRN will take place 1-3 February 2023.

STEG is pleased to share that the Journal of International Economics is hosting its first Summer School in International Economics for PhD students from around the world, to be held 14-16 June 2023 at the University of Crete in Greece. Don't miss out on this great learning and networking opportunity!

The Sixth Small Research Grants Call & Fifth PhD Research Grants Call have been postponed with our funding call timeline currently under review. We hope to reopen these calls and establish a new timeline as soon as possible.

New projects have been funded under the Fifth Small Research Grants Call and Fourth PhD Research Grants Call. The evaulation process is now complete and all decisions have been returned. Find the latest STEG projects below!

The STEG Working Paper Series has released four more papers this December! Find the papers below and on the STEG website.

Proposals from the Third & Fourth Ideas for Transformation Call and Third Larger Research Grants Call are currently under evaluation with decisions expected by February.

Lastly, don't forget to get all the dates for upcoming calls and events in your calendar!


The STEG Team

Conference on Structural Transformation, Growth, and Economic Development

STEG is currently finalising the selection of papers for the annual conference that will take place 1-3 February 2023. Applicants will receive final decisions in the New Year. The conference programme will be released, alongside the registration for attending the conference virtually, soon after.

STEG's third annual conference will be held on Thursday 2 February and Friday 3 February, in the London School of Economics. This year’s conference is organised jointly with the International Growth Centre (IGC), in recognition of the overlapping communities and interest areas of the two programmes.

The conference will take place in-person by invitation only, with presentations streamed to a broader external audience. In addition, STEG and the IGC will co-host an add-on workshop on Wednesday 1 February, jointly organised with the Private Sector Development Research Network (PSDRN), a research community curated by development finance institutions (DFIs).

Find more information on the structure of the conference here.

Journal of International Economics - Summer School in International Economics

The first Summer School in International Economics will take place at the Department of Economics, University of Crete in Greece, 14-16 June 2023. The initiative aims to bring together PhD students from schools worldwide to introduce them to frontier topics and techniques in international economics.

The Summer School will feature a series of lectures by leading faculty in international economics, as well as ample opportunities to discuss ongoing research by the participants.

Applications are welcomed from Ph.D. students and Post Doctoral Associates in Economics from all geographic areas as well as diverse personal backgrounds. The deadline for applications is 30 January. Find out more and how to apply.

For accepted students the participation fee is $150. A limited number of waivers are available for students in need of financial aid.

Sixth Small Research Grants Call and Fifth PhD Research Grants Call

We have very recently been made aware of uncertainties about the STEG budget as a result of potential reductions in the budget of FCDO (UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, our funder). We are therefore putting the next few funding calls on hold whilst we establish the available budget. This includes the sixth call for proposals for Small Research Grants and fifth call for proposals for PhD Research Grants, which recently opened on 23 November. We hope to reopen the calls, and continue with future SRG and LRG funding once we have more certainty over STEG's future budget.

We appreciate the time and effort made by those who have already prepared and submitted applications, and apologise that we are unable to complete the review process on the original timeline. Applications already received will be considered if and when the calls reopen.

Please note that we do not expect funding for open STEG grants to be affected.

New Projects: Fifth SRG Call and Fourth PhD Call

A further 18 projects have been funded across our Fifth Small Research Grants Call and Fourth PhD Research Grants Call. Our new Small Research Grants are:

  • Gaaitzen de Vries and Kei-Mu Yi - Structural Change in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Open Economy Perspective (multi-country)
  • Pubali Chakraborty, Anand Chopra, and Lalit Contractor - Support Prices, Input Subsidies and Misallocation in Indian Agriculture
  • Bruno Conte and Remi Jedwab - Climate Change and the Regional Lake Economies of Sub-Saharan Africa: Analytical Framework, Predicted Economic Effects, and Policy Implications (multi-country)
  • Josephat Hongoli and Vincent Leyaro - Long-Run Analysis of Income Diversification and Household Welfare 1991-2021 (Tanzania)
  • Christian Arciniegas, Christelle Dumas, and Matthias Fahn - Labour Exchange Groups in Rural Tanzania: Can They Foster Development and Women’s Empowerment?
  • Tania Barham, Randall Kuhn, Brett McCully, and Patrick Turner - Structural Transformation and the Demographic Transition: Evidence from Bangladesh
  • Siddharth George, David Lagakos, and Martin Shu - Occupational Dynasties and Economic Development (multi-country)
  • Olufemi Ajiboye and Taiwo Owoeye - Borders, Distance, Regional Economic Blocs, and Product Market Integration in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).
  • Arinze Nwokolo - The Impact of Pollution on Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Gas Flares in Nigeria
  • Marhsall Mo and Winston Xu - Banks, Misallocation, and Structural Transformation: Evidence from India's Bank Expansion Policy in 2005
  • Jonah Rexer - Indigenisation and Political Risk: Evidence from the Global Mining Sector (multi-country)

Our new PhD Research Grants are:

  • Frances Lu and Manaswini Rao - Land Inequality and Rural Structural Transformation: The Role of Frictions in Land and Credit Markets (India)
  • Marie Beigelman - Intergenerational Impact of Labour Coercion (Guadeloupe and Martinque)
  • Tilman Graff and Felix Samy Soliman - Cash Transfers in Slack Labour Market (Kenya)
  • Zhang Chen - Economic Development and the Right Tail of the Firm Size Distribution (multi-country)
  • Mira Korb - Natural Resource Abundance and Infrastructure Provision: Evidence from Mine Openings (multi-country)
  • Abdoulaye Cisse - Electrification, New Technologies, and Firm Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Senegal
  • Claudia Gentile - Transition to Clean Energy Technologies (multi-country)

Further information on these projects will soon be announced on the STEG website.

New Papers under the STEG WP Series

Four new papers have been published under the STEG Working Paper Series in December:

If you would like to submit your paper to the STEG Working Paper Series, please contact the STEG Team at [email protected].

Working papers that have been produced through STEG-funded projects are included in the series and we welcome papers from researchers directly affiliated with STEG as well as researchers' papers that have been presented at STEG-funded events including our Annual Conference and Theme Workshops.

Important Dates

Calls under Evaluation

  • Third & Fourth Ideas for Transformation Call - decisions expected by end of January
  • Third Larger Research Grants Call - decisions expected by end of January

Open Calls

There are currently no open calls.

Opening Soon

Find a provisional call timeline for future calls here.

Upcoming Events

If you have any questions, please contact the STEG Team at [email protected].

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