STEG Newsletter - October 2022

Dear All,

STEG has a number of events taking place in the next few weeks. Make sure to register to attend and don't miss out on the chance to apply to present at the third STEG Annual Conference!

The Economic Growth Conference in Memory and Honour of Berthold Herrendorf will take place 4-5 November. More details on the programme and registration below!

Dani Rodrik is presenting Growth Miracles and Disappointments through the Lens of Structural Change as the STEG Special Lecture 2022 on 9 November! Register to attend below.

Submit your paper to present at the Conference on Structural Transformation, Growth, and Economic Development by 21 November. STEG's third annual conference will take place 1-3 February 2023.

The recordings of the STEG Theme Workshops 2022 are now available in case you missed any of the presentations.

The STEG Working Paper Series has released six more papers this October! Find more details on the STEG website and in our biweekly working paper newsletters.

Proposals from the Third & Fourth Ideas for Transformation CallFifth Small Research Grants Call, and Fourth PhD Research Grants Call are currently under evaluation.

Lastly, don't forget to get all the dates for upcoming calls and events in your calendar!


The STEG Team

The Economic Growth Conference in Memory and Honour of Berthold Herrendorf

In memory of Berthold Herrendorf, the W. P. Carey School of Business at the University of Arizona and STEG will hold a conference in honour of Berthold and his contribution to economics on 4-5 November 2022. 

The current programme can be viewed here and the link to join the event on the 4 and 5 November can be accessed here.

Berthold specialised mainly in macroeconomics and his recent research interests were in growth and development, in particular structural transformation, markups, and productivity growth slowdown. His work has become over the years a mandatory reference for work in this area. He was closely involved in the STEG programme appearing as a lecturer on our "Key Concepts in Macro Development" virtual course.

STEG Special Lecture 2022

Growth Miracles and Disappointments through the Lens of Structural Change

STEG is hosting its third special lecture on Wednesday 9 November as part of its research initiative to better understand structural change, productivity, and growth in low- and middle-income countries.

This year, STEG welcomes Professor Dani Rodrik (Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy, Harvard University) to present "Growth Miracles and Disappointments through the Lens of Structural Change". This lecture will be presented virtually.

If you would like to virtually attend the lecture, please register here.


This talk will offer a framework that integrates the insights of the literatures on convergence and on structural change to provide an interpretive history of postwar economic growth. Rodrik will use the framework to address some of the key questions and puzzles posed by experience under import-substitution, export-oriented industrialisation, the Washington Consensus, and the pre-pandemic growth booms. Rodrik will also highlight key challenges for economic growth in the future.

Conference on Structural Transformation, Growth, and Economic Development

STEG's third annual conference will be held on Thursday 2 February and Friday 3 February 2023, in the London School of Economics. This year’s conference is organised jointly with the International Growth Centre (IGC), in recognition of the overlapping communities and interest areas of the two programmes.

The conference will take place in-person, with presentations streamed to a broader external audience. In addition, STEG and the IGC will co-host an add-on workshop on Wednesday 1 February 2023, jointly organised with the Private Sector Development Research Network (PSDRN), a research community curated by development finance institutions (DFIs). We also invite submissions for this workshop.

Find more information on the structure of the conference and how to apply to present here.

STEG Theme Workshops 2022

We hope you were able to join us for the STEG Theme Workshops 2022. Over six days across September, we heard 34 brilliant presentations on some of the latest and highest-quality research within the field of structural transformation. The conference helped showcase the quality and variety of the research currently being undertaken and made clear many of the questions that are still to be answered.

If you weren't able to attend the workshops or if you would simply like to go back and review any of the presentations, the programme for each workshop can be found here while recordings of the individual presentations can be found below:

Timestamps for each presentation can be found in the description of the videos.

New Papers under the STEG WP Series

Six new papers have been published under the STEG Working Paper Series in October:

If you would like to submit your paper to the STEG Working Paper Series, please contact the STEG Team at [email protected].

Working papers that have been produced through STEG-funded projects are included in the series and we welcome papers from researchers directly affiliated with STEG as well as researchers' papers that have been presented at STEG-funded events including our Annual Conference and Theme Workshops.

Important Dates

Calls under Evaluation

  • Third & Fourth Ideas for Transformation Call - decisions expected by end of November
  • Fifth Small Research Grants Call - decisions expected by early December
  • Fourth PhD Research Grants Call - decisions expected by early December

Open Calls

There are currently no open calls.

Opening Soon

Find a provisional call timeline for future calls here.

  • Fifth Ideas for Transformation Call - opens November
  • Sixth Small Research Grants Call - opens November
  • Fifth PhD Research Grants Call - opens November

Upcoming Events

If you have any questions, please contact the STEG Team at [email protected].

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