Episode 1

Podcast: Conversations on Transformation Series

Industrial policy: theory and evidence from the South Korean miracle

The Conversations on Transformation series, narrated by Tim Phillips, investigates some of the most important new research in structural transformation, growth and economic development.



In the 2024 season of the Conversations on Transformation series, recorded at the STEG Annual Conference at NYU Abu-Dhabi, Tim Phillips talks to some of the speakers about the challenges and opportunities of structural transformation, growth, and economic development. 

The focus of the first episode is industrial policy. Tim talks to Yongseok Shin, who, during his keynote at the conference, examined South Korea's economic growth in recent decades to identify a research agenda that could help better understand and potentially replicate such economic miracles. 

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Yongseok Shin - Robert E. Lucas Jr. STEG Keynote Lecture: “Industrial Policy: Some Theory and Evidence”  Washington University in St. Louis 

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