Growth Miracles and Disappointments through the Lens of Structural Change - Dani Rodrik

STEG Special Lecture 2022

Dani Rodrik (Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy, Harvard University) presents "Growth Miracles and Disappointments through the Lens of Structural Change".

This presentation was hosted by STEG as the 2022 lecture of the programme's Special Lecture Series. Accompanying slides are available here.


This talk will offer a framework that integrates the insights of the literatures on convergence and on structural change to provide an interpretive history of postwar economic growth. Rodrik will use the framework to address some of the key questions and puzzles posed by experience under import-substitution, export-oriented industrialisation, the Washington Consensus, and the pre-pandemic growth booms. Rodrik will also highlight key challenges for economic growth in the future.

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