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ACET-STEG Transformation Fellowship Opportunity

Deadline to Apply: 12 November 2021

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) is currently recruiting a Fellow in partnership with STEG.

The role will include undertaking high quality research on structural change, publishing research papers in leading economic journals, and producing briefs highlighting specific transformative policy and strategies for developing countries.

The Fellow will be responsible for work on specific research topics identified by ACET senior staff. They will also be required to support ACET’s research by collaborating/partnering with networks of experts and think-tanks in Africa and elsewhere working on growth and transformation issues.

To find out more details on the opportunity and how to apply, please refer to the job page on the ACET website. The deadline to apply is Friday, 12 November 2021. Interested applicants should email their CV and an accompanying cover letter to [email protected].

Who Are ACET?

ACET is an economic policy institute supporting Africa’s long-term growth through economic transformation. We undertake research, offer policy advice, and galvanize action for African countries to develop their economies, reduce poverty, and improve livelihoods for all their people. We are a pre-eminent pan-African organization advancing African solutions to African challenges.

ACET’s approach to Africa’s development is that to be successful it needs to combine growth with DEPTH, meaning: i) Diversification away from a narrow productive and export structure focused on primary commodities; Export competitiveness to capture markets and generate higher incomes to support investments in skills, capital, and technology; increased Productivity to sustain higher incomes and structural transformation; Technological upgrading to sustain higher productivity, structural transformational and export competitiveness; and improvements in Human wellbeing resting on increasing incomes per capita and employment, less inequality, gender equity, as well as better health and education, peace, justice, security, and the environment.


ACET is a member of a consortium that launched a five-year research programme in March 2021 titled ‘Structural Transformation and Economic Growth’ (STEG) funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). The other six members of the consortium are the Center for Economic Policy Research, Oxford University (Oxford Department of International Development and the Centre for the Study of African Economies), University of Notre Dame, the Yale Research Initiative on Innovation and Scale, and Groningen University (the Groningen Growth and Development Centre).

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