Theme 1 Workshop 2021

STEG Theme workshop series 2021

at 14:00 BST, London

After the success of last year, each of the six STEG Themes will host online workshops in September 2021. These workshops will play a role in helping to share knowledge of the current research frontier and in identifying open research questions.

This workshop focused on the roles of firms, frictions, spillovers and industrial policy in structural transformation and economic growth, with a particular interest in understanding the challenges for the poorest countries. 

If you missed the workshop you can watch the recording here


14:00          Welcoming remarks - Francisco Buera (Washington University), Joseph Kaboski (Notre Dame & CEPR) & Ezra Oberfield (Princeton University) 

14:05         Propagation and Insurance in Village Networks - Diego Vera-Cossio (Inter-America Development Bank), Cynthia Kinnan (Tufts University), Krislert Samphantharak (University of California, San Diego) Robert M Townsend (Massachusetts Institute of Technology & CEPR).

14:45         The Comparative Advantage of Firms - Johannes Boehm (Sciences Po), Swati Dhingra (Centre for Economic Performance & CEPR) & John Morrow (LSE & CEPR),  

15:25         Break

15:35         Regulating Conglomerates: Evidence from an Energy Conservation Program in China - Qiaoyi Chen (Fudan University), Zhao Chen (Fudan University), Zhikuo Liu (Fudan University), Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato (Duke University) & Daniel Xu (Duke University),

16:15         Responsible Sourcing? Theory and Evidence from Costa RicaAlonso Alfaro-Ureña (Central Bank of Costa Rica), Benjamin Faber (Berkeley), Cecile Gaubert (Berkeley), Isabela Manelici (LSE), and Jose Vasquez (LSE)

16:55         Break

17:05          Labor Market Power, Self-employment, and Development - Francesco Amodio (McGill University & CEPR), Pamela Medina (University of Southern California) & Monica Morlacco (University of Southern California)

17:45         Foreign Direct Investment, Roads, and Markups: the case of EthiopiaJose Asturias (U.S. Census Bureau), Marco Sanfilippo (University of Torino, Collegio Carlo Alberto) & Asha Sundaram (University of Auckland) Presentation Slides 

18:25          Closing Remarks

18:30         Workshop Close

If you missed the workshop you can watch the recording here

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