Theme 0 Workshop 2021

STEG Theme workshop series 2021

at 14:00 BST, London

After the success of last year, each of the six STEG Themes will host online workshops in September 2021. These workshops will play a role in helping to share knowledge of the current research frontier and in identifying open research questions.

This workshop focused on how improved data or economic measurement can help shed a light on the process of structural transformation and its link to economic growth. There is a particular interest in understanding the challenges for low-income countries. If you missed the workshop you can view the recording here


14:00         Welcoming remarks - Robert Inklaar (University of Groningen) and Akos Valentinyi (University of Manchester & CEPR) 

14:05         Demand for Quality, Variable Markups and Misallocation: Evidence from IndiaApoorv Gupta (Dartmouth)

14:45         Misallocation and State Ownership: Evidence from the Russian Sanctions - Dzhamilya Nigmatulina (LSE)

15:25         Break

15:40         Free Power, Irrigation and Groundwater Depletion: Impact of the Farm Electricity Policy of Punjab, India Disha Gupta (Delhi School of Economics)

16:20         The Plant-Level View of an Industrial Policy: The Korean Heavy Industry Drive of 1973 - Minho Kim (Korea Development Institute), Munseob Lee (University of California San Diego) and Yongseok Shin (Washington University of St Louis). Presentation Slides

17:00         Break

17:15         Welfare and Output with Income Effects and Taste Shocks - Ariel Burstein (UCLA) and David Rezza Baqaee (UCLA & CEPR).  

17:55         Closing remarks

18:00         Workshop ends

If you missed the workshop you can view the recording here

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