STEG Annual Conference 2022

at 14:00 GMT, London

STEG is hosting its second annual conference between Wednesday 19 and Friday 21 January 2022. To ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to attend, this will be run as a virtual event via Zoom as with the STEG Annual Conference 2021.

The conference is featuring keynote talks by Laura Alfaro (Professor, Harvard Business School) and Louis Kasekende (Executive Director, MEFMI, and former Deputy Governor, Bank of Uganda) and presentations of some of the most exciting recent research papers related to structural transformation and growth. Through the conference, we hope to highlight the diversity of research in the field and offer more opportunities for early-career researchers and scholars representing a wide range of institutions and geographies.

Programme & Resources

The STEG Annual Conference ran from 19 to 21 January 2022 as a virtual event. Over the three days, 35 presentations were held including two keynote addresses, nine full-length presentations, and 24 short speed-round presentations. The programme and all related papers, presentation slides, and recordings of presentations, where available, can be found here.

If you have any questions or are having trouble accessing any of the resources, please contact the STEG Team at [email protected].

How to Apply to Present

Application to present at the conference is now closed. Final decisions on the selected papers to be presented at the conference have been returned.

How to Attend

Registration to attend the conference is now closed.

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