Economic Transformation Database


The Economic Transformation Database (ETD) has been developed by STEG’s partner, the Groningen Growth and Development Centre (GGDC), and supported by UNU-WIDER. The ETD provides a comprehensive, harmonised, longitudinal dataset covering sectoral employment and value added (VA). The ETD aims to be an important new data resource for researchers exploring macroeconomic development. It is specifically designed to facilitate the analysis of structural transformation and productivity growth in developing countries. It supports the conduct of policies aimed at facilitating structural change for sustained growth and poverty reduction in low-income countries.

The ETD includes measures of economic growth and labour input for 51 countries, distinguishing 12 sectors of the total economy, annually from 1990 to 2018. The variables included are real and nominal VA and persons employed. The ETD includes 20 Asian, 9 Latin American, 4 Middle-East and North African (MENA), and 18 sub-Saharan African countries at varying levels of economic development.

Find more information and access the data on the GGDC website and through the accompanying technical note.

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