Plenary Theme Workshop

at 14:00 BST, London

A Plenary Workshop kicked off the September 2021 STEG Theme Workshops on Friday 3rd September. The workshop saw a paper from each theme presented. If you missed the workshop you can watch the recording here



14:00          Welcoming remarks - Doug Gollin (University of Oxford & CEPR) & Joseph Kaboski (University of Notre Dame & CEPR) 

14:05         Migration Costs, Sorting, and the Agricultural Productivity Gap  Qingen Gai (Shanghai University), Naijia Guo (University of Hong Kong), Bingjing Li (University of Hong Kong) & Qinghua Shi (Shanghai Jiaotong University) & Xiaodong Zhu (University of Toronto) Presentation Slides 

14:45         A Technology-Gap Model of Premature Deindustrialization  - Kiminori Matsuyama (CEPR & Northwestern University) & Ippei Fujiwara (Keio University & CEPR) Presentation Slides

15:25         Break

15:35         Structural change in labor supply and cross-country differences in hours workedAlexander Bick (Arizona State University), Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln (Goethe University Frankfurt & CEPR), David Lagakos (University of California, San Diego, Boston University, CEPR & NBER) & Hitoshi Tsujiyama (Goethe University Frankfurt) Presentation Slides

16:15         Services and economic development in AfricaLeonardo Baccini (McGill University, CIREQ), Matteo Fiorini (OECD), Bernard Hoekman (European University Institute, CEPR) & Marco Sanfilippo (University of Turin & Collegio Carlo Alberto) Presentation Slides

16:55         Break

17:05         Border Effects in Public procurement: the Aggregate Effects of Governments' Home Bias - Manuel García-Santana (Pompeu Fabra University, CREi, BGSE & CEPR) & Marta Santamaría (University of Warwick) Presentation Slides

17:45         Democratization and Infrastructure Investment: Evidence from Healthcare in IndonesiaAllan Hsiao (University of Chicago)

18:25         Breakout rooms

19:00        Workshop close

If you missed the workshop you can watch the recording here




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